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Welcome to the data science challenge.
Play with representative data.

These data challenges let you match wits with other data scientists to pioneer new solutions to modern problems.

By developing new methods and inventive solutions, you can do your bit to push the boundaries of data science and build on your existing expertise.

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Fascinating data

Here, you have the opportunity to test your wits against situational awareness problems relating to defence.

You'll be presented with real-life data representative of that used in Defence to tackle some of the most challenging and complex analytical scenarios.

Whether you're showing off your skills as a data heavyweight or conquering your first challenge, we give you everything you need.

With a solid brief and clearly defined objectives for you to build a solution around, all that's missing is your data science expertise to craft a winning entry!

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Our competitive community of data science enthusiasts, from all stages of their professional journeys, will challenge and motivate you to excel.

By taking part in our challenges, you get the opportunity to demonstrate to like-minded people how you've taken an innovative approach to a unique problem. This is also an opportunity to develop your own skills!

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Kudos and Prizes

What's a competition without a prize? With our data science contests, you compete for cash by tackling the types of problems which might puzzle the brightest minds in national defence.

You also have the opportunity to display your intellectual prowess by competing with other data science enthusiasts. After all, who doesn't like being the smartest in the room? Whether it's gold or glory you're hunting, this is the place for you.

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