Our coding competitions will challenge you to find unorthodox answers to real-world defence problems.

We're looking for data scientists who want to show off their creativity, polish their skillsets and help define how we use data to support national defence.

Take part in our data science challenge. is sponsored by Dstl, Government Office for Science, SIS and MI5. Please view our FAQs.

We are looking for the brightest minds in data science to help the Government meet huge challenges, and keep people safe by revolutionising the way we think about world problems.

Picture an emerging humanitarian crisis, like the Ebola virus or a devastating earthquake; a foreign nation's stability and security in decline.

By identifying, mapping, and tracking key data, we can predict how events will unfold and gain critical insight into how we should react.

Now, we need your input by taking part in our data science challenges.

You can help develop cutting-edge methods to solve real-world issues.

You'll be matching wits with the data science community.

You'll get to play with representative defence data, and even win prizes.

Sound good? We thought so, let's get started.

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