Latest News

  1. Evaluating our challenges: What happens now?

    18 May 2017

    With hundreds of hopeful entrants for each of our first two challenges now in and counted, we’re pleased to announce that the competitions are closed and it’s time to validate our winners … but how?

  2. Exploring the role of a government data scientist

    11 May 2017

    At their heart, our data science challenges are about opening up the pool of talent available to the UK government, giving data experts from other walks of life a chance to support the nation’s defence and security. But what does the role of a full-time government data scientist look like? Let’s find out…

  3. Innovation: Insights from industry

    03 May 2017

    The Strategic Defence and Security Review talks about ‘advantage through innovation,’ an idea we’re building into our challenges. But what exactly does that mean?

  4. Text classification: Insights

    26 Apr 2017

    We caught up with one of our challenge masters to get their thoughts on how our challenges are helping address the latest trends within a key application area for the data science community: Text classification.

  5. Data Science Challenge in the news

    18 Apr 2017

    As momentum continues to build for our first two data science challenges, the global data science population is taking notice, leading to a surge of interest from press outlets around the world.

  6. The making of a challenge

    12 Apr 2017

    The early stages of our data science challenges have met with an enthusiastic response, but what goes into making these challenges? Where do the ideas come from, how are they whittled down and where does this data come from?

  7. Wired gives Data Science Challenge the spotlight

    05 Apr 2017

    After much work behind the scenes, the first of our data science challenges are now live, letting intrepid data scientists vie for a prize fund of £40,000.

  8. Introducing Data Science Challenge

    30 Mar 2017

    2017 sees the launch of the Data Science Challenge; a competition focused on celebrating the top talent in data science and encouraging the stars of tomorrow, all in the name of bolstering the nation’s defence and security as well as promoting its economic prosperity.