Evaluating our challenges: What happens now?

With hundreds of hopeful entrants for each of our first two challenges now in and counted, we’re pleased to announce that the competitions are closed and it’s time to validate our winners … but how?

We’ve been absolutely delighted by the initial response to our challenges. Both the quality of the entries, and the associated buzz in our online community has been very encouraging.

Seeing so many talented data scientists putting their skills to good use, supporting UK defence and security, was very much the kind of spirit we imagined when first developing the competition. Huge thanks go to everyone who’s contributed to this success.

But, of course, there needs to be a winner. Each of our challenges has a prize fund of £40,000 , so we must go to great lengths to make sure that only the most talented and deserving entrants are able to walk away with their share.

How are winners selected?

With the challenges now closed, we enter the evaluation phase. The top three entries from each challenge will be individually assessed by our judges.

To achieve this, the overall winners will be invited to step up and show us their solutions in full. This involves providing documentation and source codes, as well as creating an offline environment where an entry can be run without internet access.

At the same time, there will be some identity checks to make certain that the winning entrants are eligible to collect the prize. See the full Official Rules for who is considered eligible.

Assuming everything checks out, we will have our two sets of winners for our first two data science competitions. We hope to have these evaluations completed by the middle of June.

What happens to the winners?

Winners don’t just receive the cash prizes on offer. We’ll also offer the top placed entrants the chance to appear in an article, giving them the chance to talk about their approach to the challenge, their data science philosophy, and what drove them to enter and win.

Did you enter our first two challenges? Have any feedback? Or do you just want to get in on the next challenges as soon as they’re announced? Visit our community.